Coming soon....

because we are priding ourselves on finding the most natural materials
the Retreat has taken a little more time but we estimate that May is going to be our opening dates

Couples Retreats is like no other in the area. We offer a complete relaxation package designed for couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We provide an unparalleled experience in a unique setting.

Sitting on one of the high points of Mojacar Pueblo yet nestled amongst its beautiful character, charm and appeal, you can unwind with some of the most stunning views in the area, in one of the most idyllic locations the Almeria region has to offer.

Our packages and services range from simply dining within our tranquil environment to staying for the whole experience. Luxurious bedrooms await our guests .

range of treatments are included

Massage & Beauty Therapies


Zen areas

Relaxation Sky Pool

Associated Restaurants with privileges for our guests

Debbies Story

Following my dreams, I created my own business 5 years ago, the foundations of which became Oceanic Massage Therapies, which has gone from strength to strength but not without the struggle of doing it all on my own.

Through my hard work & meeting lots of lovely people, I met my soul mate, and my life turned a very different corner. When I prayed for someone special to come to me and fill my life with love I just asked for someone kind and decent…someone Normal! Working and setting up a business by yourself is difficult and finding a soul mate and lover even more difficult, especially having true intimacy because at 55 years old, you’re not into one night stands.

Having always had a dream to have a retreat for my business to expand, it had proven difficult to find somewhere locally but then I had another one of those moments when I knew the universe was looking down on me and helping me. I have always loved the Pueblo above Mojacar and so went on missions many times to find the perfect place but only came home with dreams.

Then out of the blue it all started to happen. Tom and myself were out for a walk, a get away moment for us both if you will. One of our favourite restaurants “la Candela” sits up in the Pueblo but we’d parked up at the bottom car park, different to usual, and decided to walk up and there it was. In-front of my eyes was a telephone number in the sky, right at the top this was to be our first home together and what we have decided to be transformed into our much desired “Couples Retreats”.

So now we are busy turning our dream into a reality and we hope to open very soon!