Spray tanning

Spray tanning has abundant benefits for your skin compared to sun tanning.
Protect your skin and get a natural glow without risking harsh sun damage thanks to a professional spray tan.

Not only is spray tanning a real treat and a perfect opportunity to get pampered from head to toe, but it can also save your skin from a number of nasties caused by sun tanning.

Sun exposure can cause untold damage to delicate skin as a result of ultraviolet radiation. But how does a sun tan occur? When the skin is subjected to UV radiation the melanocytes in the skin produce more melanin which leads to a darkening effect of the skin. So you are left with a sun tan which might look healthy, but in reality it is your skin’s way of protecting itself against damage.

Sunbathing for hours might seem like a great way to get a beautiful beach glow, but with premature ageing and skin cancer caused by sun damage, sun block with a high SPF is the only sensible option as far as your skin is concerned.

So how do you achieve a healthy and safe tan that lasts? Well, spray tanning is the perfect way of getting a sun-kissed look without actually having to expose your skin to harm. Also, the active ingredient in fake tan called DHA doesn’t have any known harmful effects so you can tan without worrying!

What is more, great strides have been made to improve tanning formulations and their application methods. Fake tans are now so advanced that the streaky results once synonymous with the beauty product are a thing of the past. Sienna X formulations are enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and cocoa butter so the skin is actively nourished with each treatment.

Airbrush tanning is also considerably cheaper than a trip to the sun and far quicker than hours of uncomfortable baking on a sun lounger! What better reasons to get a gorgeous bronzed look while caring for your skin?