Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic system is closely associated with the Cardiovascular System and connects with it.

The Lymphatic system transports fluid called Lymph from the tissue spaces and returns it to the blood via the subclavian veins, it also transports fats in a fluid called chyle from the small intestine to the blood, and it plays an important role in protecting the body against infection.

Lymphatic drainage massage is, in fact, a very nice relaxing massage and not at all as you may think it sounds from the name. It works by massaging the Lymph towards the Lymph Nodes which are situated at different sites in the body. These are where the toxins and waste get digested, flushing them away from blocked areas, where it could collect, in tissue spaces within the body.

Any malfunction or blockage of the Lymphatic system will result in swelling of the tissues known as oedema. Massage is a very effective at speeding up the flow of lymph in the lymph vessels and thereby increasing the drainage of the tissue fluid. Massage will prevent or reduce oedema (swelling of the tissues) so very important to anyone who has this type of problem. Anyone that has had surgery removing the lymph glands should have a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to prevent Lymph build up and remove toxins from the body especially someone who is recovering from Cancer and the Invasive Treatments that they have undergone to rid the body from the Toxins left within.

Massage is known to be the best detox you can have, and helps combat cellulite.

A session of Lymphatic Massage takes 2 hours in order for it to be performed on Medical Knowledge clearing the Lymph systematically Debbie has gained experience in this field with clients suffering from Medical conditions ... although a Lymphatic drainage is great for anyone wanting to re boot their systems and detox.

Additional Advice: Drink plenty of Water Before and After Treatments to prevent any side effects and for maximum benefits.