Traveling abroad and fancy a working holiday? Maybe thinking about moving to a new area?

  • Guest spot for qualified practitioner
  • Varying time frames offered
  • Working holiday
  • Accommodation offered
  • Legal support and advice available
  • Supportive environment with existing client base

Why not visit the Andalusian area of Spain where we are offering you a chance to rent a choice of rooms for daily, weekly or monthly periods as a visiting practitioner in Mojacar.

If you are looking to set up a business in Spain but not sure how, or maybe you want to try your unique skillset before you commit to it permanently, help is at hand! As a business owner who loves to empower others, I would love to offer you an exciting and interesting opportunity in an already successful space.

Are you an aspiring traveling practitioner that can offer services within the “Health Scheme”? From private counselling through to different therapies including massage, acupuncture and other natural beauty treatments, I can help you take a working holiday and help advertise your guest spot to people in the surrounding areas to showcase your expertise and advice, helping you to bring new skills to our table. I will support you along the way to engage and work under the umbrella of “Oceanicas” and continue to promote you during your stay, with the offer of accommodation if you so require.

Here at Oceanicas we have lots to offer and would love to hear from you so we can put you out there on our map, bringing people together to enjoy and be involved with practitioners from all areas of our schooling. I feel it’s so important to offer people a broad choice of such effective and long term benefits from all qualified and educated teachers and practitioners that are out there in abundance but not always so easy to reach, and so I have opened this position up for anyone who is passionate and wants to give it a go, so let’s support each other and get you out there!

I have lived in Spain for 12 years now and have founded and created Oceanic Therapies, a successful business of my own for 8 years, situated on Mojacar Playa. Now, with my partner, we have extended that business to Alturas Oceanic’s in the old town of Mojacar Pueblo.

I love to empower people into making changes in their lives and giving direction with sound advice on how to help you start a new career or to bring your working life to a “new meaning & purpose” and develop your skills as a holistic practitioner or therapist. Whatever you have, you can improve on and develop with the right tools.

With help on to how to set up a business and legal help given by the experts I trust and work with, you can do it!!! All you need is to come and work with me for a while and take the skills that I can offer you to help you change your life into an “Independent You” but with a network of people to assist you.

If this sounds like you, Contact Debbie James from Oceanic Therapies:

Telephone or WhatsApp on 0034 687619239