HOMEOPATHY, what is it?
Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine and has been in use
for over two hundred years worldwide. The principle of homeopathy
is 'like cures like'.
This means that a substance that can produce symptoms of disease ina healthy person can cure the same symptoms in a sick person when given in a minute and diluted dose.
How does it work?
A homeopath understands that symptoms of illness are evidence of
the body's natural
and automatic efforts to heal itself and these clues are used to
guide them to prescribe for that individual patient, not merely
for his or her disease but the person's whole state. A homeopathic remedy acts as a signal which stimulates the body's immune system mobilizing the defense systems; and working on the mental,
emotional and physical aspects of the body.

What homeopathy can do for you.
It can successfully treat virtually every form of illness and may
be used as a complement to conventional medicine.
Case Histories. A. from Turre.M, 4years old, had started to wet thebed again and was showing signs of being unhappy.
M was given her constitutional remedy and her Mum said, 'Within twodays M was more like herself and now no longer wets the bed'.
T. from Mojacar writes, 'My son has been treated by a since birth. He always recovers quickly from any illnesses and I have never
had to resort to using antibiotics'.

A.from Vera said, "When my Father died I developed asthma and was
using inhalers regularly. After only two months of homeopathic
treatment my asthma disappeared and my GP gradually stopped my medication.

Illness doesn't exist in isolation, but is a reflection of how the whole person is coping with stress. Homeopaths look beyond the
disease name to the whole person, including the stress or stresses that preceded the development of the symptoms.
Our Practitioner at "Oceanic Therapies" who wrote this for me and
treated the patients in the write up above was herself suffering recurring nightmares, depression,and a severe physical reaction of
psoriasis from head to toe after a frightening trauma in a Jeweler shop.
Conventional medicines were not alleviating any of these symptoms, so she booked an appointment with a homeopath and talked about her symptoms and emotional trauma. She was given a remedy for shock andwithin a short period of time her depression lifted, quickly
followed by a change in her physical symptoms.

That was over 20 years ago and Audrey Gail Parkin has not looked back since. She went on to study Homeopathy for four years at the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in Newcastle.
She acted as a student adviser and clinical inspector for
Homeopaths applying for registration. She has completed a two year post graduate course with Dr A.U. Ramakrishnan of New Delhi,
followed by working in a hospital in India which used Homeopathy
exclusively with excellent results.

Anyone interested should contact Debbie to book an appointment with Audrey Gail Parkin and find out more of how to "look at the cause" and get rid
of the symptoms.