Hot stones

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

In the Human energy field, electromagnetic circuitry is present. Electrical force is responsible for holding together the atoms and molecules from which matter is composed. Electricity is associated with many biological processes. In the human body electrical signals travel along nerves, carrying information to and from the brain. Electrical signals tell the brain what the eyes see, what he ears hear, and what the fingers feel. We are surrounded and activated by an electromagnetic field which influences the body through the infinite photon exchange process.

Thus, we understand that the body is a VIBRATIONAL ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FIELD. the head and also the right side of he body represent the positive electrical pole. The feet and the left side of the body represent the negative electrical pole. The spine – the central core of the body represents neutral, but carries within its cerebrospinal fluid the most of all vital energy flows. It is known as the KUNDALINI.

When stress and chemical imbalance are present in any part of our existence, it alters the ionic matrix of our energy field. This will most likely result in an overly positive ionic charge. This is why some healings can occur naturally by spending time in Nature, such as the sea-shore or in the Mountains.( I always feel so energized when I have been by the sea and just sat watching waves – great if you have a low mood or feeling drained) it can lift you to another level). The plentiful negative ions in that atmosphere helps normalize and balance our circuitry.

Since all ions are governed by the principle of polarity, and possess either a positive or a negative charge, it is a natural occurrence that stones resonate, transmit and amplify energy. In understanding the radiance spectrum and the importance of the stones origin so where it comes from is of great importance, not just any old stone will!

Due to area’s of polluted vastness, using stones not mineralogy correct can injure a client because the stones could retain too much heat and burn a client.

My stones are harvested only from areas with a high spectrum. Some of these areas include Peru, Argentina. and Indonesia.

BASALT Stones (Igneous) in appearance dark heavy lava stones can be a mixture of dark gray with a greenish tinge to ranges of black (origin Volcanic) it’s primary use is warm therapy – Vasol Dilation fantastic to improve blood flow to an area that is congested and needs a deeper massage in order to break down fibrous tissue that has become knotted.
I use this a lot with Sports Massage because it is less invasive.

METAMORPHIC Stones are very different and more marble looking limestone composition white in appearance though not always they are SEDIMENTARY (origin Ocean, Rivers and Lakes, Formation Planet life Coral reefs) Vasol Constriction great for injuries to stop a Haematoma a bleed from spreading, used again to stop swelling in Sports injuries or anyone with Oedema in the heat when ankles are swollen. These Stones can be used in conjunction with the hot stones for a facial massage – fantastic.

Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks cover about 3/4 of the earth surface and have long been associated with metal ores and so promote the perfect choice for Stone Therapy.